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ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Ripper 6.7

Designed for DVD movie fans, the DVD ripping software make it easy to rip DVD

Portable devices are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world and most of them allow playing video and audio files. However, they can only support very specific media formats, which means that they cannot play DVD movies, for instance. In order to view this type of file, you will first need to convert it using a kind of software called “rippers”.
ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Ripper offers to convert DVD movies into a format that can be played in your Pocket PC. Besides, it can extract audio from DVD video. Furthermore, it is capable not only of ripping discs but also of converting movies from a DVD folder or disc image.
The use of an interface that is similar to those of other video converter makes this tool really easy to use, and this is perhaps its main advantage. You can start by selecting the parts of the DVD you want to convert and specify the audio track or subtitles you desire (if any). In addition, you will also need to choose an output location and an output format. Being conceived for a very specific purpose, this application lacks versatility. In fact, it only supports to one video format (WMA) and three audio formats (WMA, WAV and MP3). However, some other options can be further customized, including video size, video quality, audio quality, video codec, audio codec, among others. ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Ripper also includes the capability to preview the movie in a resizable window, from which you will also be able to take snapshots of a given movie frame.
As a whole, ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Ripper is a nice intuitive application. However, its main weakness is the result of having too specific use. As it is not a free application, perhaps you might want to test other software tools, and I am sure that you will find a ripper or a converter supporting a wider range of output formats (luckily free!).

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It converts DVD movies from various sources


  • It supports few output formats
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